Bringing Jon Home

The Wilderness Search for Jon Francis

By David Francis

A National Award Winning, Inspirational Memoir
by a Minnesota Author about the life, 
loss and legacy of his remarkable son.

Bringing Jon Home-The Wilderness Search for Jon Francis, a national award winning, inspirational memoir, written by Jon’s father, David Francis, from Stillwater, Minnesota.

Bringing Jon Home earned silver finalist for inspirational writing from the Midwest Publisher’s Association and national finalist, in the memoir category, from The National Indie Book Awards. The awards are a fitting tribute to Jon Francis. His life and spirit made it so.

In the pages of Jon’s inspirational memoir is:

  • The Francis family’s relentless, privately funded, year-long search to find Jon’s remains and to bring him home.  The search attracted national attention in the search and rescue community. 
  • My riveting narrative of our grief and loss and our long, agonizing search.
  • My compelling account of Jon’s faith, works and spiritual journey that has inspired hundreds of readers.
  • Exposure of “America’s silent mass disaster”- each year thousands of adults go missing and are abandoned by the public sector. Currently there are over 140,000 unsolved cases in the U.S.
  • The vital and unique work of the Jon Francis Foundation to help families with missing adults.

Book Reviews for Bringing Jon Home

A Riveting Read” – Mary Ann Grossmann, St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Excellent, compelling story. Every parent should read…especially fathers.-Midwest Publisher’s Association

“This is an amazing story of love and commitment honoring the promise that we make to our children.  ‘I’ll always be here for you.’  They did it.  They brought Jon home.   I wish I had met Jon.  This book allows me to meet him and live my life a little deeper because of knowing him.  Thank you, David.”   - Foreword by Patty Wetterling, Child Safety Advocate. 

“Your book is beautifully structured and written, each word glowing with sorrow and faith and love, a father's true testament of his son.” ---The Reverend Dr. Alla Renee Bozarth, Author of Life is Goodbye, Life is Hello.

“A father turns the tragedy of losing a loving son on a far-away mountaintop into a story of family, friends, strangers, communities all coming together to search and, ultimately, to embrace each other. This book becomes a reminder that none of us knows what tomorrow brings. But it also reminds us to appreciate the basic goodness around us – and to never forget to hug our kids.”   — Doug Grow, writer, MinnPost.

"Bringing Jon Home is a powerful story about loss, unconditional love and human resilience inside one American family."   — Chuck Logan, authorof Absolute Zero.

"Bringing Jon Home--a real page-turner, David, you've done a remarkable thing for Jon's legacy by not only capturing his giving, involved life, but offering his story as inspiration for other families.   As a dad myself I marvel at your resilience and strength. Your words are driven by the power of  your emotion.   I can feel it on every page.”               — Kevin GilesWriter, Minneapolis Star Tribune.

A father who never gave up, Full article by Kevin Giles published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune.  

Sales of Jon’s memoir will benefit the mission of the Jon Francis Foundation and our work on behalf of wilderness safety and missing